Manuscript Mini-Evaluation Terms

This agreement is made between Hillcrest Media Group, Inc. (“Hillcrest”) and the copyright holder of said book, assignee thereof, or anyone authorized to execute this Agreement ("Customer").

One of Hillcrest’s in-house editors will read the first chapter of Customer’s manuscript, up to 5,000 (five thousand) words, and write a one-page evaluation that provides feedback on what is working well and what can be improved (e.g., adding additional examples, working on character development, addressing grammatical glitches, polishing phrasing). Hillcrest will also point out any potential formatting or style concerns within the document submitted.

Customer acknowledges that this service does not include any editing or proofreading whatsoever. There is no guarantee by Hillcrest that Customer will like or implement the suggestions in the Evaluation.  

Customer acknowledges that this evaluation service does not:

  • Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, or syntax

  • Correct errors in sentence structure and language usage

  • Insert notifications throughout the document where approval from a third party may be required

  • Correct errors in commonly known facts

  • Restructure sentences

  • Alter word choices

  • Secure any necessary permissions for reprinted material including, but not limited to: song lyrics, photos, poems, newspaper articles, or text. It is the Customer’s responsibility to secure permission from the original source’s publisher for any such material that exceeds fair use.

Hillcrest’s timeline to complete the evaluation is ten (10) business days from the date the manuscript chapter is uploaded by Customer. No refunds will be issued once the manuscript chapter and payment have been submitted. Please note that any revisions you might make to the manuscript in response to the evaluation will not be reviewed as part of the mini-evaluation.