Back Cover Copy Terms

This agreement is made between Hillcrest Media Group, Inc. (“Hillcrest”) and the copyright holder of said book, assignee thereof, or anyone authorized to execute this Agreement ("Customer").

The back cover copy service consists of the following:

  • A thorough review of Customer's book synopsis and any other information Customer wishes to provide.

  • Drafting of an initial version of the sales copy for the back cover of Customer's book within 10-15 business days from the time the interior layout questionnaire is completed.

  • Customer is permitted to make one round of included edits or suggested changes to back cover copy text.

  • The final version of the back cover sales copy incorporated onto the back cover by Hillcrest. Any changes to back cover copy after the final version are subject to revision fees as set forth in publishing contract.

Customer owns all right, title and interest, including all copyrights to the back cover copy Hillcrest drafts and can use it for any purpose at any time. Additionally, Hillcrest may use the back cover copy on Hillcrest’s website as an example of Hillcrest’s work.

The service is complete once Customer approves the back cover sales copy and/or after Hillcrest revises the initial draft. No refund is available once Hillcrest starts working on a draft of the back cover sales copy. If Customer is not satisfied after the revision of the initial draft, Customer may use any portion of the back cover copy Hillcrest created and submit his/her own copy for inclusion on the back cover.